This year our team evolved to create a pipeline of opportunity while investing for growth.

We are proud of our progress supporting mostly mission-driven clients to be the fire under their growth while also building nourishing and purposeful jobs for our employees and advocating for a more sustainable world.

Our mission is to be a catalyst for a more sustainable world by hiring savvy onshore workers in living wage jobs to power growing businesses.

We are a proud women-led B Corp, specializing in efficient and affordable outsourced fractional and full-time operations support. We hire, train, manage, and mentor wonderful people from 31 states to help small to medium-sized purpose-driven companies scale.

customer support (fractional through full call center)
sales support
supply chain and inventory management
social media operations
tech support
executive assistance support
financial & bookkeeping operations

Our employees supplement client teams so that our clients can focus on growing their purpose, product offering, or reach. Our ability to add on hours incrementally allows clients to grow with us and add on services seamlessly.

Our Values

  • Purpose
  • Proactiveness
  • Resourcefulness
  • Community
  • Activism
  • Resilience

Our Social Impact

As a Certified B Corp and California Benefit Corporation, we are driven by our mission to spread sustainable and supportive jobs to areas of the United States where these opportunities are not quite as common, especially in the outsourcing space. We hire, coach, and mentor employees to become valuable and proactive members of our clients' work, whether it's a small fractional engagement or encompasses a whole call center team.

We are building robust training systems to move people more quickly through our pipeline of learning and opportunity to provide services in many industries, mostly in purpose-driven companies.

Through our partnerships with 1% for the Planet, Ceres, and American Sustainable Business Network, we lobby, give and advocate for a clean environment, gender equality (including reproductive rights), fair wage and labor laws, and the protection of our democracy.

#4: Quality Education #5: Gender Equality #8: Decent Work and Economic Growth #13: Climate Action #16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

To our valued stakeholders,

This year has been a year of learning and growth. We continue refining our business offerings and sustainability practices.  Six years into our founding, we now have the experience and the data to understand the services we are best positioned to provide and a pricing structure that allows for marketability and sustainable governance. This year we also grew our administrative team by 73% to scale our mission and more effectively care for clients and employees.

In 2022, we grew our revenue by 22% and made huge strides in the eCommerce and CPG (consumer packaged goods) sectors, building upon our original customer service offering with more skilled services in supply chain operations.  While we work in many diverse industries (everyone needs great operations support!), we also increased our presence significantly in Edtech, Healthtech, and Cleantech.

We are a labor-as-a-service company, which means our product is our people’s work.  We have optimized our ability to quickly train in a client’s process to supplement their internal team or to handle entire roles, documenting processes so that, if needed, we can quickly switch people or add more resources. Our clients depend on us each day to do the heavy lifting of tasks to keep their businesses running, and our fractional, full-time, and team models allow clients to easily grow with us. 

Our product, labor,  is also our biggest expense, and we were not immune from inflationary pressures and the resulting slowdown in client spending as businesses struggled to find capital. We took advantage of this slowdown to build custom training journeys on our new learning platform.  Our learning platform allows us to efficiently train on the fundamentals of each role and the HigherRing secret sauce of effective engagements. We are especially proud of our call center-to-client specialist model, where new employees start in a coached and mentored call center environment. When they outperform in attendance, teamwork, and proactivity, we match them with direct client work as the next step on their career path.  Our goal is to continue to create jobs and train great people.

With thanks to all who have been a part of our journey. We wouldn’t be here without your hard work, feedback, and belief in our mission. 

The Leadership Team (Michelle, Susan and Katie)
Hours Worked on Behalf of Purpose
Training Hours
Employees Promoted
Donated to Nonprofit Organizations

Impact on Community

Lobbying elected officials for climate-friendly policies and spending with Ceres.org

HigherRing is proud to work with Ceres.org to advocate for climate-friendly policies and spending. Ceres is a nonprofit organization working with capital market leaders to solve the world’s greatest sustainability challenges. Through their powerful networks and global collaborations of investors, companies, and nonprofits, they work to drive action and inspire equitable market-based and policy solutions throughout the economy to build a just and sustainable future. Michelle joined business leaders in eight states where we employ people and used the power of HigherRing’s business to pressure lawmakers to support the hugely impactful Inflation Reduction Act in May of 2022. In this whirlwind push, representatives from businesses used prepared talking points and lobbied Republican and Democratic lawmakers to advocate for increased spending on climate. HigherRing joined companies like Workday, Gap, Logitech, Uber, Pepsi, and Salesforce and lobbied elected representatives in our states, including Rep Peloi (D) California, Senator Rubio (R) Florida, Representative Castor (D) Florida, Rep. Kurt Schrader (R) Oregon, Rep Mast, (R), Florida, Rep. Oscasio Cortez (D) NY, Rep Tlaib (D) Michigan, and Rep. Bush (D) Missouri. We followed this by asking our team to contact their elected officials with prepared language and contact information to simplify the task.

Committed to a thriving democracy

We are members of Civic Alliance, a nonpartisan coalition of businesses united by our commitment to a thriving democracy. We stand together in support of fair and transparent elections in which voting is safe and accessible, and we use the combined influence of our platforms to empower every American to use their voice. We used our partnership with Civic Alliance to help our employees feel empowered to push their elected officials to also support safe and fair elections.

Impact on Environment

Our 1% for the Planet Partnership

In 2022, HigherRing gave $18K of donations to environmental nonprofits working to combat climate change, educate new climate leaders, and to advocate for increased spending to help support our natural world. We supported our former nonprofits from last year and added some new ones. Included in our list is:

  • Outdoor Afro, Nationwide
  • Planet Bee Foundation (new this year) – San Francisco, California
  • Rock Steady Farm (new this year) – Upstate New York
  • League of Conservation Voters Education Fund
  • City Slicker Farm – Oakland, California
  • Greening Youth Foundation – Atlanta, Georgia
  • Urban Sprouts – San Francisco Bay Area, California
  • Teens for Food Justice – New York, New York
  • World Central Kitchen, Worldwide
  • 1% for the Planet Nonprofit, Worldwide
  • B Lab, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • B Tourism, Florida
Our Board Declared a Climate Emergency

In 2021, the HigherRing board declared a climate emergency and resolved to work towards carbon neutrality by 2025. and in 2022, we committed to a carbon-neutral program Climate Neutral and took the first steps to gain our certification. We also use all our advocacy powers to pressure elected officials to avert climate change by federal, state, regional, and local entities and join with stakeholders to reduce GHG emissions.

Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth... these are one and the same fight. We must connect the dots between climate change, water scarcity, energy shortages, global health, food security and women's empowerment. Solutions to one problem must be solutions for all.
Ban Ki-moon, Eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations

Impact on People

Everyone is at Living Wage!

In 2022, we evaluated and matched, where necessary, the living wage for our employees in each of their respective communities, as it was a year of incredible inflationary growth. We implemented two increases to stay at a living wage while also honoring our client contracts and protecting our clients as much as possible. We are proud to share that 100% of our employees earn above the living wage for their communities.

We Invite Everyone to be an Owner!

We feel strongly that employees should experience a potential long-term benefit to their work, and in 2022 we invited 22 new employees to be owners in HigherRing through our Employee Stock Incentive Plan. All employees are offered ownership after a year of employment. We also accelerated the vesting of four eligible employees placed with clients who would have missed out on becoming owners due to taking the next step in their career path.

Our Partnership with Talkspace for Mental Health

HigherRing first contracted with Talkspace in 2020 and continues this valuable partnership for our employees in 2022. Talkspace is an online text and video chat therapy platform that offers access to therapists who cover a broad range of mental health services, including anxiety, addiction, depression, eating disorders, ADHD, OCD, and relationships between family and friends. According to the American Institute of Stress, about 83 percent of U.S. workers suffer from work-related stress, and businesses lose up to $300 billion yearly due to this stress. We know that failing to address workplace stress and mental health, in general, can damage our people’s productivity and morale, and we are proud to continue to offer this easy-to-access benefit.

Here’s what our people have to say about Talkspace:
I was recently diagnosed with ADHD. Not a surprise to me, because I have always had trouble experiencing “hyperfixations” and I seemed to have a new hobby each week. It came to a point where I felt that my focus was so spread thin and I couldn’t focus on what really matters to me; my close relationships, my career, my future. I struggled for a long time alone, confused, and feeling defeated and then I tried Talkspace. I learned that what some, and I at one point, considered a disability or a curse, is in fact one of my greatest strengths. With my therapist’s guidance, I’m able to harnessed and point my attention in the right directions to aid me in the achievement of my goals. A thank you to Higherring as a whole, for caring about its employees wellbeing and providing resources to be the best versions of ourselves we can be and thank you to all of you, for providing a safe, understanding, and supportive work environment for everyone to grow and thrive in. ~an employee in Ohio

…I want to second that the TalkSpace benefits are of tremendous value to me as someone diagnosed and (proudly) working through OCD. ~an employee in New York

I just started using TalkSpace and it’s been awesome! ~an employee in Georgia

Our Partnerships

HigherRing Sponsored the B Corp Champion's Retreat in Philadelphia!

HigherRing was thrilled to sponsor the 2022 B Corp Champion’s Retreat in Philadelphia. It was our third time attending, and we were excited to bring our leadership team to participate, present, learn, and be surrounded by a community always striving to do better. We had a great time and brought back learnings and future goals such as family living wage.

Our Partnership with Honeybee for Employee Financial Wellness

According to the Motley Fool’s 2022 report, the average American family has $6,271 in revolving credit card debt without any savings in the bank. And according to a recent survey conducted by Standard and Poor, only 57% of U.S. adults are financially literate. We know our people, especially at the lower-paid end of our hiring pool, are especially impacted by not having enough money.

In 2021, HigherRing partnered with Honeybee, a B corp financial services company, to provide financial webinars, personal financial coaching, and 0% loans so that our people could become financially self-sufficient. Honeybee coaching helps with all types of financial questions: budgeting, debt management, student loans, credit scores, savings, retirement, and more. They hold monthly webinars, and their chat coaches can be helpful with answers right away. Two recent comments from our people:

I LOVE Honeybee! Frankly, I had no clue where to start with credit cards, and they were so so helpful in giving me recommendations and how to get the most out of them! ~an employee in Kentucky

I can’t tell you how impactful meeting with a HoneyBee coach has been for me. Those sessions are helping me immensely through a difficult financial transition. I have way more in savings than I would without Claudia (my fantastic financial coach), am making more informed decisions, have seen my credit score steadily climb, and am moving more cash into higher-yield accounts. It’s brilliant that someone with less cash needs resources as much as someone with extra. I’ve always been a compulsive budgeteer, but it was fear-based. It’s still scary to look at my age and my situation, but a financial coach helps me make informed changes with timing in mind. I am gaining much-needed financial skills and confidence. ~an employee in Missouri

Our Partnership with Bright Action

Yale research shows two-thirds of Americans are worried about climate change and want to help but don’t know what to do. So we partnered with our client, Bright Action, to help our employees know where they should focus in a fun and collaborative way. 40% of US carbon emissions come from 5 basic household activities we do every day. Bright Action walks each employee through a quick questionnaire designed to give personal and specific ideas about where they can not only have a lighter impact footstep but also save money!


Looking ahead — Goals for our future

For 2023, since we have increased our administrative team, we feel we’re in a strong position to continue growing our clients and team.  We also will be undergoing a website redesign to ensure that our potential customers can make a buying journey that allows them to quickly see and purchase our services.  We also aspire to sign our first government contract since we believe government should contract with companies that prioritize all stakeholders (employees, shareholders, clients, vendors, and the environment) equally.  For certifications, we plan to certify as carbon-neutral and also become living-wage certified.  We believe certifications help potential clients quickly understand who we are, attract great employees, and encourage other companies to also take the steps that can help build better communities and support a flourishing planet.

As a labor company, we are constantly asking how we can ensure that our employees are paid a fair wage, are rewarded for their hard work, and have competitive benefits.  In 2023, we are launching paid holidays, a paid volunteer day, formal management training for those taking a management track with us, and a formal professional development/continuing education program.

Public Benefits and Disclosures

HigherRing is a proud California Benefit Corporation. This report, along with 2022 financial statements, will be sent to all current shareholders of HigherRing and registered with the state of California.